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Meet Me

My name is Vix!

I am a happily engaged 27 year old nonbinary asexual artist person thing who really likes cats! I have lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and am unsure if I will ever leave. Drawing has been something that has been my main focus ever since I was a tiny creature. I drew so much that I managed to drag an art teacher out of retirement and inspired her to start up her own art school!

That's where I met an animal person and we realized we had a lot in common. That animal person then accepted coins from me and in return gave me my own animal skin of a weird blue fluffy thing on a scooter. That monster's name is Rika, and I adopted her identity for, at this point, most of my life.

I went to Carnegie Mellon University, where I drew more animals and graduated with an animal drawing degree (a fine art degree for those who want specifics). And then after that I accepted my fate as animal doodler and thats where I am today!

Basically all I do now is draw animals on two legs, four legs, twenty legs, no legs, and just about anything my little brain can conceive. 

What is my goal in life? To inspire people! Bring animal people into the world that make others smile or make them feel some type of way. My art doesn't have some super important life changing meaning behind it like they teach you to do in art school. I just want to make people happy!