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Support Me

If you want to support me beyond this store and get first dibs on merch before it ends up on this site, then please check out my Patreon!

A little community has formed around my abilities to make eye wateringly adorable critters and we would love to have you join! Hop in a discord, get first looks at art and first picks at commissions and so much more. yay good fun times! My Patreon is here:


If you want to just see some of my art that is not sold as merch, feel free to check out my Trello because I have no better way to show art at this moment in time!

Art Gallery Trello

And lastly, SHIRTS!!
I love making shirt designs and other types of apparel and printed fabric. I have various sites that I sell things one, so I will link them below. Please check them out!


Thank you so much for checking me out and I hope to make your day a little better!