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Black Cat Keychains


  • Image of Black Cat Keychains

6 different styles of black voids!
Each keychain is around 2-3"
Double sided, made from acrylic with vinyl sticker eyes

Up down, Left to right:
Loaf (laying down) *low quantity but more will be printed soon!*
Stretchies (arms up!)
AH! (scaredy cat)
Tall (long legs)
Long Nech (sticking neck out)
Leggy (sticking leggy out real far) *out of stock but more are being made soon! there will just be a delay on these*

Getting the whole set at once is an option for $50
These are made to order so there may be delays in shipping if I need to restock.

Cut by Long Tail Laser
Eyes by Monster Arkham

  • Loaf
    8 in stock
  • Stretchies
    5 in stock
  • AH!
    2 in stock
  • Tall
    5 in stock
  • Long Nech
    5 in stock
  • Leggy
    6 in stock
  • Full set
    2 in stock
Image of Eggy Badges and keychains
Eggy Badges and keychains
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