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Mystery Packs!


  • Image of Mystery Packs!
  • Image of Mystery Packs!
  • Image of Mystery Packs!

Introducing the Berry Meat mystery packs!!
Each pack includes:
2 patches
2 standard stickers
1 special sticker (holo, clear, etc)
1 single sided charm
1 enamel pin
1 sticker sheet
1 4x6 print

A $50 value for only $15!

The above is what is included in the regular pack.
For $10 you can get the
✨ Organic Pack✨
Organic pack includes all of the above, but also has:
1 trading card booster pack
1 double sided acrylic keychain

a $67 value for only $25!

Goodies in each pack is random selection, so you are unable to request specific styles of each product. If you want something specific, please find it in the store and order directly!
The complimentary stickers and prints that I send with orders will NOT be available for the mystery packs.
This product is only available while supplies last. Depending on what I have in stock, the contents and price may change, but this listing will also change to reflect that.
US shipping is included.

  • Regular
    3 in stock
  • Organic
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